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Clockwork Dragon Wall Clock

Cast in finest resin & hand painted. This clock is guarded jealously by a clockwork Dragon, golden cogs and brass rivets sitting on top of their metallic scales. Tail curled around the clock possessively, his wings are raised in a threat display.

Angelic Guardian

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, this magnificent alternative angel figurine stands in an outstretched hand, this young angel stands confidently, his muscled body mostly exposed. Steampunk-esque machinery extending down one leg.


Cast in finest resin & hand-painted. With exposed brass and copper cogs emerging from this clock, as well as other mysterious mechanisms, it seems as if the timekeeping capabilities has been enhanced by cannibalizing a sextant or an astrolabe.

The Enigma Vault

Cast in finest resin before being given a bronze finish & hand-painted. Covered in complex interlocking parts, this box has a multitude of cogs, wheels, rods and pipes covering its surface, mechanisms powered by a small tank of steam.

Clockwork Kitty

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, this adorable clockwork kitty is the perfect companion to any inventor. Sitting up on its haunches, this black cat wears a brown leather harness, covered in cogs, clockwork and tubes.

Blade Raven

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, this mechanical raven is almost the real thing. Metallic wings spread wide, individual feathers made from swords are riveted into separate plates.

Puzzled Masquerade

Keep your identity a mysterious puzzle with this enchanting Steampunk mask. With the appearance of industrial brass, this masque ball style mask is festooned with cogs, gears and mysterious mechanisms
(Pack of 3)

Crystal Vision

Complete your latest contraption in style with these fascinating Steampunk goggles. Able to completely cover each eye, the kaleidoscopic lenses are held in place in the black frames with brass rivets.
(Pack of 3)

Whitbys Wanderer's Hat

This magnificent Steampunk hat is perfect for any Whitby wanderer. The low black top hat is dusted with gold dust and has a gold-edges rim. Shiny cogs bedazzle the body, and a clear jewel set in a brass design of overlapping wings sits front and centre. Black welding goggles sit above the brim, perfect for if you need to work on an impromptu invention.

Dracus Machina

This Steampunk Dragon figurine is cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted. Standing on all fours, this Dragon is seemingly made out of shining, sturdy plates of steel. Bronze machinery extends over the body, cogs and gears exposed, while scales on the legs and tail hint at a biological component.

Mechanical Hatchling

Cast in finest resin and hand-painted, the Mechanical Hatchling, Sitting majestically, brass tail curled behind them, this Dragon hatchling is made of riveted steel plates and bronze cogs. Wings raised high, they rear their head up, metallic jaws snarling open. This fantastic hatchling is the perfect gift for any engineer who needs a pet!

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