Mystical Companions

Take a look through our range of Mysitcal Companions. These make great gifts for everyone.

Snow Searcher

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, The wolf is white in colour & features a set of piercing, orange eyes that are fixed forward. The head of the wolf rests on a rock structure, which becomes both the back & base of the bust.

Chimpanzee Scholar

Cast in finest resin & finished in bronze, this thought provoking figure is sitting on a pile of aged books, this personified chimpanzee studies an archaic text. He wears a blazer jacket and has a steampunk jet pack attached to his back by leather straps

Three Wise

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, these rotund bats, sitting side by side, these three wise bats look up with adorable eyes. One clasps their claws to their mouth, one blocks their ears, & one covers their eyes, sneaking a peek regardless


Cast in finest resin & hand-painted. This constellation has sat in the night sky since before history began. Emblazoned with golden stars & moons, this grey stellar wolf sits back and looks upwards. Named after constellations of the ancient skies.

Devil Kitty

Cast in fienst resin & hand-painted, this red Cat is adorable but deadly! A small pair of horns emerge from its head making sure that we know this kitty is not just your ordinary familiar. A spiked collar sits around its neck while a set of long dark claws grip onto its cranial perch.

Cogsmith Dog

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, this adorable Cogsmith's Dog is the perfect companion to any inventor. Sitting up on its haunches, this black dog wears a leather top hat covered in cogs, clock workings & goggles on their head

Incy & Wincy

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, These cute babies encountered some trouble when they attempted to climb up a drain pipe & unfortunately some strange wet substance washed them back down.

winter's Cry

Cast in finest resin & hand-painted, This wolf pup is sitting on the ground, this small white wolf pup stares to the sky with loving eyes while calling their pack. Their kind stare portrays a preternatural x , intelligence & wisdom, signalling that this is no ordinary wolf.

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