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Welome to the Reiki Healing section of enchanted pumpkin Let me firstly start by introducing myself. I’m Abi, a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Herbal Practioner amongst other things. I am a pagan & have been working with the elements for some time. I have been practicing Reiki for some years now & have found combined with the use of crystals & meditation, Reiki sessions can be extremely beneficial to emotional, physical & mental health in animals, adults & children both with or without additional needs. 

So, what is Reiki? (pronounced Ray-Key)      

To put it plainly Reiki is an ancient healing therapy rediscovered in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian educator. The word "Reiki" translates as "Rei", spiritual or universal life force, and "ki", energy. Reiki is the spiritual, life force energy in all things.

Reiki is in every Living thing plant animals and crystals

You do not have to believe in reiki to for it to work

Reiki will Always for to Your highest good 

Reiki has no side effects

So how does Reiki Work? 

Reiki energy has a directive of its own. It knows what's out of balance & how to heal it. It may relieve physical symptoms, but its purpose is to make known the root of imbalance & assist in returning the body to homeostasis. So, in that regard, Reiki continues to heal even after the session is over. In a simpler term Reiki will work to your highest good even if you don’t know what it is & continues to do so, due to the stresses in life it does deplete over time therefore regular sessions are advised from weekly, bi weekly, or monthly. It is very much on the clients to decide. This does tend to vary.

No two Reiki treatments are the same, as no two bodies or souls are the same. A person receiving Reiki repeatedly will have different experiences each time as Reiki continues to clear energy, emotional blocks & heal.

Some of the more common effects experienced are that Reiki is reported to:

Alleviate pain
Boost the immune system
Restore balance to the body's energy system, enhancing its natural ability to heal
Increases concentration, creativity & clarity
Induce the Relaxation Response, setting in motion experiences of well-being

Is there a science behind Reiki?    

Some of you will be asking this question the answer is not a huge amount, and mainly small studies, but research has found that Reiki can lower blood pressure, speed up healing, reduce chronic pain, increase relaxation, reduce anxiety and lower heart rate. It’s available in some hospitals, NHS community services and support groups; lots of midwives use it; and the NHS recently advertised for ‘Reiki or spiritual healer’ for a breast cancer unit in Epping, Essex.

Reiki & other Holistic Therapies are making their way to the main stream of therapies an alternative forward way of thinking, people are more & more turning to alternative therapies for help in their lives. If this can be something offered to cleints children possibly the parents as well to enrich their lives & make it less stressful & easier to cope with today’s fast pace society and pressures then is this a benefit to all of us. As the saying goes don’t knock it till you have tried it.

One to One Healing Session

Find out more about out One2One Healing Services. Sessions typically lasting between 30 & 60 minutes.

Distance Healing Session

Find out more about our Distance Healing Services. Performed each Thursday from 8:30pm

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