One to One Healing Services

Bright Blessings

Welome to the Reiki Healing section of enchanted Pumpkin as a Reiki Master & a Pagan I follow elemental & universal paths, & live by certain ways to help heal & benefit mother earth & feel the need to connect with the earth as well as others spiritually. By following these reiki principles.

Just for today......... 

Do Not Be Angry
Do Not Worry
Be Grateful
Work With Integerity
Be kind To Others

What happens at a one2one healing session ?

Once a week on a Thursday evening from 8.30pm, I set aside this time to connect with Reiki and the elements to help me recharge & bring forward love & light energy .

Whilst using the distance & other Reiki symbol combined with earth, air, water & fire elements, we are able to connect & feel the healing energy together. Some may feel warm, tingles or just a sense of pure calmness. All you need to do is find a quiet comfortable place put some music on or just be in the quiet. And say either to your self or in your mind "I accept the healing that is being sent with love & light". And as long as I know that you are wanting this sent to you, You will receive it.

What have you got to loose get in touch! 

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