Experience Relief through Reiki Healing in Swinstead, Lincolnshire

Feel mindful, liberated, and ready to take on the world after experiencing our reiki healing treatment. Based in Warminster, Wiltshire, we offer the treatment in-house or at the location of clients in the local area. To have greater clarity of your issues, look no further than reiki healing.

Treating Issues and Problems

Leaving emotional, physical, and metaphysical problems untreated will result in them creeping into your aura and affecting you physically, often causing stress and reducing your emotional well-being. The treatment will cleanse each of your seven chakras, and have them opened or closed as you desire.

Utilising the Power of Crystals

As part of the healing treatment, we often utilise stones and crystals to maximise the benefits of the experience. For clients who have purchased the crystals for us, we will be able to cleanse and prepare them for the treatment.

A Session Filled with Positive Energy

Lasting half an hour, each session involves the client sitting down before our reiki healer channels positive energies through their hands and onto the client’s body. Although longer sessions are available, we believe that half an hour is enough. Our clients often tell us that they feel almost revived after the treatment, as if they have been healed, and that they experience calmness. Find out for yourself just how beneficial reiki healing is by arranging a half-hour session for just £20.

Fairy Card & Crystal Readings

We are delighted to now offer readings starting from only £20. Contact us now to arrange an appointment either by Skype from anywhere in the world or face to face if in Lincolnshire.

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