A Scented Alternative to Burning Oils

Enjoy a smooth scent that last for hours by choosing our simmering fragrance granules. At Enchanted Pumpkin, we supply granules from the well-known manufacturer Ancient Wisdom, and incense and cones from Stamford, with an array of scents on offer.

Opting for Simmering Granules

Simmering granules are a natural, salt-based product with added scents for use in burners and diffusers. Safe, clean, and simple to use, the granules mean that no water is required in the well of the burner.

Simply use a couple of teaspoons of simmering granules for a scent that is gradually released over several hours. When the fragrance has evaporated, the granules’ residue is easily disposed of. The granules are available in 180g packets, which last for around two weeks even if you use them every day. Costing just £2.00 per packet, the granules are ideal to set the mood before a reiki healing treatment.

A Scent for Mothers

Anyone who has enjoyed the miracle of a newborn baby will adore the baby powder granules, which emanate delicate, fragrant blooms, and a sweet and subtle trickling from beautiful white blossoms. Light powder evokes the heart and entices the light florals while maturing with sprigs of sunbathed jasmine. Creamy vanilla and cedarwood adds depth and comfort to the fresh fusion of fragrances.

A Variety of Delightful Scents

At Enchanted Pumpkin we understand that everyone has a different palate, and that generic scents will not entice everyone. To counter this, we offer simmering granules that emanate a true range of fragrances from Ancient Wisdom, including:

Cinnamon and Orange
Vanilla Musk
Lily of Valley
Green Apple
Sea Breeze

To view the full range of granules, visit here.

We have a range of incense from Stamford to suit your needs and wants from meditating to cleansing and protecting. Here is a small selection – take a look and see which ones are meant for you:
Black Vampires Kiss Incense Sticks
Witches Curse Incense Sticks
Hex Protection Sticks
Black Unicorns Grace Incense Cones
Black Wizards Spell Incense Cones
White Sage Incense Sticks

Here is our full range of Stamford incense sticks and cones.

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