Discover an array of spiritual products that will have a significant impact on your life by visiting us. Enchanted Pumpkin is a New Age shop and family-run business located in Lincolnshire. We have more than five years of experience, and always strive to provide a personal service and expert advice.

Although she is a qualified beauty and massage therapist, our founder is also a crystal healer, reiki practitioner, and studier of paganism and witchcraft, meaning she has extensive spiritual knowledge.

This is reflected in all of our products, ranging from the crystals and granules to the handcrafted and new age products. Return to us soon to see our updated product range and learn about our distance healing service.

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Make sure that your home or business is engulfed by a welcoming and attractive scent by choosing from our extensive range of simmering fragrance granules and incense.

Promote positive energy with our healing crystals. We consult your needs to ensure that you receive the best crystal to help remedy your problems.

From customised, handcrafted items that make lovely gifts to meta physical products such as dream catchers, we are the shop for you.

Choose the reiki healing treatment to ensure that your physical, emotional, and metaphysical problems are dealt with before they begin to affect your well-being.

Feel free to contact us for any help, guidance or advice.

Tel: 07806 506755
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Contact us to arrange to visit our shop at 6b Market Place, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, NG33 4NH
Monday to Saturday: 9am – 9pm